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Preventative Maintenance
To keep your systems in safe, efficient operating condition, you should have regular annual check-ups (just like you do for your car and for your health). Each system is different, but typically we cover:

Heating System: A 9-point checklist that covers cleaning, combustion check, air or water systems, thermostat control, chimney check, fuel connectors, safety controls, and more.

Air Conditioning: A 10-point checklist including cleaning, efficiency, refrigerant (Freon® or Puron®), controls, noise levels, and more.

Filters, Humidifiers, Heat Exchangers and other air handling and cleaning equipment: Multiple items such as new and clean filters, tightness and freedom from air or fluid leaks, effectiveness, safety, quietness and controls.

Value Plan/Service Contracts
Even premium equipment needs regular maintenance. To save you money, we suggest you sign up for our Value Plan. For a modest annual fee, you will receive three major benefits:

Discount pricing on all parts and services
"Front-of-the-line" scheduling preference for any extra work you might want. Free yearly tune-up and inspection of your heating and air conditioning systems

Contact Us for details and prices.

Maintenance on HVAC
Why do you need Preventive Maintenance on your air-conditioning or heating unit?

An air conditioning unit is a piece of mechanical equipment, which requires routine inspections and maintenance. Roof top units and ground-mounted units face some of the same challenges here in Utah with regards to maintenance needs. There are two coils on the unit, both of which air must flow through. The indoor coil is protected by a filter, which is supposed to catch most of the particles in the air. The outdoor coil collects dirt and debris and needs to be cleaned twice a year. The indoor coil is called the evaporator coil, and the outdoor coil is the condenser. Most major manufacturers recommend having your equipment serviced twice a year.

Hansen recommends having your HVAC system serviced and maintained by us twice a year. Contact Us today for a Quote. The ground-mounted unit (typically called the Condenser) usually picks up more contaminates than one mounted on the roof. Grass, paper, dirt, lint, and dog hair are a few of things that will stop the air from circulating properly through the coil. When on the roof, the unit typically collects dirt and air born pollutants.

Most motors produced today for residential use are sealed and do not require lubrication. Belts need to be adjusted and even replaced occasionally.

Heating systems also require maintenance and cleaning. All types of heating systems be it a heat pump, electric heating strips, or a furnace; need to be inspected and tested routinely. Heat Pumps utilize a reversing valve and should be inspected and tested prior to the heating season. Electric Heat Strips also need to be cleaned and tested before use. Furnaces require an inspection and sometimes a cleaning of the heat exchanger and the gas valve. If you have a furnace or gas pack that is older than 15 years, it is very important to check the heat exchanger for cracks. Remember, it is just as important to change the filter during the heating months as during the air conditioning months.

Evaporative coolers need maintenance twice a year also. It is very important to the life of your cooler to have a start up and a winterization on your evaporative cooler. The pads on a normal cooler need to be changed every year! At this time you should also inspect the bearings, replace the belt, clean the unit, check the drain, and ensure the distribution system, as well as the drain off system is working properly. The Mastercool does not require a new pad every year, but it is a good idea to perform all of the other inspections.

Hansen suggests a "winterization" for your evaporative cooling system, as well as a spring start up.

Whatever your maintenance needs, please feel free to contact us and we will gladly design a custom maintenance schedule for your equipment.

Contact Us today to request and schedule your HVAC maintenance.

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